July 25, 2013 –   2:00 pm EDT

Find out where TLC has the competition beat. When compared to its competition, TLC can give your clients:

Better protection

  • Your clients will always be guaranteed a minimum level of long term care and life insurance benefits
  • In the unlikely event that your client’s benefits eventually drop to their guaranteed minimum benefit levels, TLC still provides greater value than its main competitor.

That means in most cases our worst case scenario is better than their best!

Stronger guarantees

  • Unlike its main competitor, TLC provides Couples Discounts and Preferred Health Discounts.
  • TLC offers more risk classes, which adds up to better rates for preferred risk classes.
  • TLC provides more care coordination services. The competition takes that cost out of your client’s coverage maximum.

This webinar will focus on the new TLC product available in all states except: CA, CT, FL, HI, IN, NJ and NY.

Here is the link to register:


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