Transamerica’s Actions

From: Nancy Bosley, Senior Vice President and Chief Sales Officer, Brokerage
Chris Lintecum, Vice President, New Business, Life & Protection
Scott Sinclair, Senior Vice President, Underwriting, Life & Protection

We want to acknowledge the delays in new business and underwriting processing. These are not the service levels to which we aspire as a company.

As a result of our competitive product portfolio and your sales efforts, we’ve had a significant increase in activity. While the jump in application volumes is a positive for our organization, it has resulted in delays for you. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your business, patience and support as we work to improve our turnaround times.

We will continue to take an “all hands on deck” approach to resolve the backlog and delays. Specifically:

  • your Brokerage sales team representative is in constant communication with our operations partners on current timeframes and service issues;
  • we are capturing all of your feedback and working closely with the operational areas to find ways to reduce cycle times; and
  • we are hiring additional underwriters and new business staff to process your business.

For help in expediting the processing of priority cases, please work directly with your Regional Sales Director/Account Manager teams or your Internal Sales Director.

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