75% of our preferred cases, issued up to $1 million, to age 60, are now being approved in 3 days. What’s more, these cases are being approved without exam, bloodwork or other fluids.  There’s also no APS or no inspection report. It’s no wonder they’re getting issued so fast!

Are you missing the Bolt?

Accelerated underwriting available from Principal, Banner, SBLI, Lincoln Financial Group, ANICO and surely more to come!

Each carrier has slightly different rules. Call our staff to see how you client can qualify.

Remember, not only will your clients achieve fast policy issue times, but in most cases they will receive a better underwriting class than they would using traditional underwriting. This is because traditional underwriting is designed to arbitrarily deny your client preferred best rates. Accelerated underwriting opens the door wider to your preferred client, allowing them to achieve better rates.

So what are you waiting for? Submit an application today and next week we’ll have it issued for you to deliver!

Download Accelerated Underwriting Database Here

About Stephanie

Stephanie is the 3rd generation of Shaws to work for Shaw American. After graduating from Indiana University in 2011, Stephanie quickly found that life insurance was her true calling.

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